A Pearl in the Bosphorus: Kuzguncuk

If we say that in the middle of a metropolis like Istanbul, there is a place where churches and mosques are active together, where peace, tranquility and traces of Greek architecture can be seen…

Everyone who has not been to Kuzguncuk before; He will not believe that there is such an isolated, peaceful and visually pleasing place in Istanbul. However, Kuzguncuk is actually a district that has managed to enter our lives many times in the 90s and 2000s with television series.

Today, we are going to Kuzguncuk, which preserves its existence with its green area, architectural wonders, colorful houses and neighborhood atmosphere at the foot of the Bosphorus Bridge, 5 minutes away from Üsküdar.

It is possible to enjoy every hour of the day in Kuzguncuk, which is at the foot of the Bosphorus Bridge and where you can see the European Side of Istanbul panoramically.

Kuzguncuk has added modern cafes and restaurants to the neighborhood atmosphere it has preserved in recent years. Thus, it is possible to drink a nice Italian coffee among the colorful houses or to have a delicious meal accompanied by the scent of lavender.

The most important feature of Kuzguncuk, which is positioned like an untouched pearl on the Bosphorus, is that it is a protected area. Its mansions and architectural structure, which it has preserved for a very long time, cannot change and urban transformation is out of the question for this neighborhood. As such, Kuzguncuk shines as one of the rare places in Istanbul that preserves its unique structure.

Being a Tourist for a Day in Kuzguncuk
Now let's become a tourist in Kuzguncuk. Whether you want to spend a pleasant day in Kuzguncuk as a local or a foreign tourist, there are certain places you must visit and see. The first of these is the streets of Kuzguncuk with colorful houses. It is possible to see the most beautiful examples of colorful mansions and Greek architecture in a 20-minute walk in Kuzguncuk, which is a very small campus in square meters. After this short and fun walk, it will be necessary to sip tea or coffee in one of the cafes in Kuzguncuk and to get the necessary energy to continue this touristic trip. At this point, you have a lot of options. For those who will make this trip on the weekend, it will be necessary to choose the place they find empty. Because in recent years, Kuzguncuk has been very crowded on weekends. Let's come to the details that make Kuzguncuk. Kuzguncuk Garden is one of them. Kuzguncuk Orchard includes a small agricultural area with the hobby gardens of the locals and a mini forest. You can have a pleasant lunch walk here. You can chat with the locals who are interested in the crops in the hobby gardens. Another of these details is the lavender scent on the street. Dried lavender in Kuzguncuk is the background scent of the district. It is possible to see a bouquet of lavender in everyone's hand.

The Charm of Multiculturalism
We said that it is possible to visit and experience Kuzguncuk in one day, but its details and sights are not that few. The tomb of Marko Pasha, who was the first doctor to receive the title of pasha in the Ottoman period, is also located in Kuzguncuk. You can also see Marko Pasha's mansion by taking a short walk out of the district. There are 3 active churches in Kuzguncuk, where intercultural bridges are built and calmness is applied as a motto in the whole district. You will definitely want to see these architecturally striking structures. The bakeries in Kuzguncuk, which is a complete neighborhood and where the Bread Boat, which is the end of the neighborhood series on Turkish television, was filmed, are also very famous. Along with more than 20 sourdough breads, the cookie called "Kuzguncuk Mantari" is very popular.

One of the two most famous restaurants in the district is Klas Köfte. It is a very old meatball restaurant that is liked by meatball lovers as much as they come from distant districts with the quality it has preserved for years. However, Metet Kozde Doner is the best doner restaurant around. For those who want to eat something other than meatballs or doner kebab while they are in Kuzguncuk, Pulat Farm offers vegetarian options and delicious olive oil alternatives.

While finishing a full day in this beautiful district, the best places to watch the sunset are the slope known as Nakkaştepe Landscape. From here, you can see the Bosphorus and the bridge in its most wonderful form. Since there is no facility, you can watch the sunset by sitting on your camping chairs or in your vehicle. If your preference is to enjoy the throat with a glass or two, the best place to go is Ali Baba. Ali Baba, which has been known for its quality service and service quality for years, is a very shabby and enjoyable place to fish raki in the Bosphorus.

Good luck to everyone who wants to be a tourist for a day in Kuzguncuk.

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