The Beatiful Horses Country: Cappadocia

In many ancient texts, it is written that the name Cappadocia comes from the Persian word Katpatuka and it means the land of beautiful horses. Indeed, the fame of these horses in the ancient world spread as far as Mesopotamia.
Although we cannot see these horses today, Cappadocia is a famous place known to the whole world thanks to its geological formations.
The foundations of the interesting geography we see today were laid when the 4 volcanoes in the region started spewing lava 25 million years ago.
Tuffs were formed by the accumulation of ash from the volcanoes on top of each other.

Fairy chimneys, valleys and various colors that emerge with the very easy wear of this material.

Kırgıbayırs are unique enough to astonish those who see them. The world's most beautiful Balloon Tours are also held in this geography. Not to mention ATV Tours and Horse Safari Tours specially organized for the sunset…

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