The New Popular Destination: Black Sea

“BLACK SEA” is a Local Cry for Global Warming
With its lush forests, untouched coves, beautiful beaches, friendly and hospitable people and historical riches, the Black Sea is a corner of paradise. The Black Sea coast owes its vegetation not only to its abundant rain, but also to its humid and foggy air. Black Sea highlands; It is covered with tree species such as fir, spruce, yellow pine, cedar, beech, oak, linden, elm and hornbeam and thousands of wild flowers.

The Black Sea plateaus are empty in winter and festive in summer. Unlike scattered villages in the forest belt, plateau houses are more compact and village-like. The houses are sometimes made of wood, sometimes of stone, and often of wood on top of stone. The plateau season starts in June and ends in September. Festivities are held on a separate plateau every week. The origin of the plateau festivals lies in the "Otçu Migration", which is a common tradition in the Eastern Black Sea Region. In the period when the corns grew 20-30 cm, cleaning between them was called "Squeeze Digging", cleaning the grass at the bottom of the corn for the second time or mowing the grass in the hazelnut orchards with scythes and sickles was called "Grass Mowing". “Otçu Migration” is the name given to the collective excursions of the people who are tired of these jobs and whose jobs are finished, usually in July, to relieve their tiredness and have fun. The people used to spend 15-20 days resting and having fun in this way, between the time of taking the corn grass and starting to collect hazelnuts. According to tradition, during the journey to the highland, a break was taken at the springs, meals were eaten, folk songs were sung, and horns were beaten. Upon the disappearance of these traditions, "Highland Festivals" began to be organized in order to keep these days alive.

“Black Sea” Is To Sing Above The Clouds Accompanied by Tulum and Kemençe

The calm beaches along the coastline, the coves that curve along the coast where the majestic mountains descend perpendicular to the sea, the cute fishermen's shelters, the environment adorned with tea, corn, hazelnut and tobacco orchards can be considered the starting point of describing the Black Sea.
In the Black Sea Region, you can collect tea with saddle scissors, go to high plateaus with local minibuses, listen to jokes from local people, witness real events such as jokes; You can taste Akçaabat Meatballs, Fish, Laz Pastry, Red Spotted Trout, Terme Pita, Kuyu Kebab.

The Black Sea Region, which is located in the middle of Turkey, but has a magnificent beauty, built on the coast of Yeşilırmak, famous for its houses with bay windows, the Black Sea Region, starting from Amasya, continues its journey with Samsun, the capital of Kurtuluş. With the time you spend in Ordu, the western city of the East, the memories you will never forget will be etched in your memories. You will have entered the east of the Black Sea with Giresun. When you come to Trabzon, you will see history and nature together and you will feel yourself in heaven on earth. While listening to the stories of the Pontic Greeks at the Sümela Monastery and Hagia Sophia Church, you will learn how important the Black Sea is for the history of Christianity. When you see the lands where the first chemical war took place in history, you will feel like a page in a history book. You will enter the homeland of Çay with Rize and start to get to know a different culture, the "Laz" culture. As you meet them, you will never want to leave the Black Sea. You will admire the Tea Gardens, which look like a Disney Plateau in Çeçeva Village. You will realize how the Black Sea contains different cultures together with Sinop, where you can trace the famous philosopher Diogenes, Kastamonu, the backyard of the Ottoman Palace, Safranbolu, where you can see the old Ottoman life, mansions and bazaars, and Amasra, one of the charming towns of the Black Sea.

And Huser Plateau; there you will Horon on the Clouds…


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